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Fahir Atakoğlu 


"...We all came to this world from a mother's womb ; when we opened our eyes the very first time we were all naked , naive and without a sin.

Whatever our colour , language or religion may be :

we all started this life the same way...As one.

Let's give up our earthly desires to let live love and to live love as one.

Whenever we look at each other , let our eyes first see that moment in life when we first opened them...

So that every moment we live, we should remember our very first breath when we were all as one, to find tolerance and love..." - Fahir Atakoğlu

New album 'FOR LOVE"

"An unrepentant romantic, Turkish-American pianist-composer-arranger

Fahir Atakoğlu is all-in FOR LOVE on his 18th album as a leader.

A visionary undertaking that blends musical elements from Turkey, Spain, Italy, the Middle East, Cuba and Brazil while revealing touches of American jazz in the freewheeling improvisations heard throughout, FOR LOVE  also carries the majestic sweep of symphonic polyphony in Fahir’s stirring string orchestrations.

With world-class musicians in American saxophonist Bob Franceschini, Canadian bassist Alain Caron, Turkish percussionist Mustafa Boztuy and Cuban drumming marvel Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, 

FOR LOVE also features an international cast of vocalists in Spain’s Buika, Brazil’s Luciana Souza, Italy’s Letizia Gambi and American rising star jazz singer Aimée Allen, each contributing lyrics while singing in her native tongue. .."

from the album's liner notes by Bill Milkowski


Rhythm Of Love from the new album  FOR LOVE 

Day By Day     from the new album  FOR LOVE 

Ying & Yang    from the new album  FOR LOVE 

Land And Sea  feat. Aimee Allen

Musical Reflections of Omar ibn Al-Khattab

Musical Reflections of Omar ibn Al-Khattab is the music 

 I wrote in 2012  for the historical Arab television drama miniseries-serial on the life of Omar ibn Al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam, and depicts his life from 18 years old until the moments of his death.

This is is a Special Edition release of the music I have chosen to be remixed and remastered, and only available in


The Music of Hope Tour is dedicated to refugees throughout the world.

The repertoire features Palestinian and Syrian musicians and the poems of Turkish poet Rumi. As well as the poem of 13-year-old Amineh Abou

Kerech, winner of this year’s prestigious Betjeman Poetry Prize.

The purpose of this concert tour is to change the world's view of refugees, to positively engage the audience, to look at the lives, struggles, and achievements of refugees, to show tolerance, respect and love towards one another by reminding us that

it could happen to all of us, anytime, anywhere.

“The concerts carry the messages of unity, of learning to live together, and embracing our differences and to always feel the "Hope for Peace" through music."

 Fahir Atakoglu

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